"Increasing Economic Competitiveness by Bridging Research & Scholarship with Real-world Solutions"

The National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center (nSPARC) is an interdisciplinary center that provides an intellectual hub for promoting research and scholarship aimed at addressing complex social and economic issues in the state, region, nation, and world. nSPARC formulates and implements big data, big picture solutions for a wide variety of constituencies including state, federal, private and international entities and programs. The center conducts projects around signature areas of distinction that draw from multiple fields of inquiry and is internationally recognized for its approach to strategic planning and aligning resources and interests across stakeholders.

Research and scholarship within nSPARC is devoted to generating knowledge for the sake of knowledge creation. nSPARC supports traditional solitary scholarly activity as well as large scale multidisciplinary, translational research drawing from variety of fields of inquiry. nSPARC Faculty Fellows are nationally recognized in their fields and collaborate with center research faculty and professional staff interdisciplinary research and scholarship that focuses on real world issues. nSPARC brings faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduates students, and undergraduate students from multiple fields of inquiry together to enable research on scholarly and social topics of importance across a variety of constituencies.
The Data Analytics & Information Management branch of nSPARC is framed around a big data, big picture approach to addressing complex social and economic issues that are of both scholarly and applied interest. This branch offers deep scientific and technical experience and expertise for data management, analysis and reporting and focuses on the collection and management of data from a wide variety of sources. Our experts, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, allow us to compile, aggregate, and normalize data and apply comprehensive analytics to produce custom output that is tailored to meet the specific data intelligence and reporting needs of partners and clients. This division relies on a state-of-the-art multi-million dollar data center designed to host large and complex data sets, secure and manage sensitive data, and to conduct complex computations.
The Information Systems & Application Development branch of nSPARC bridges scholarly work and big data with real-world applications. This division translates research into software applications aimed at generating real-time information for improving organizational and program outcomes. Among the large-scale development projects undertaken by nSPARC are SLDS, WINGS, and CRMS.
The Information Technology (IT) branch of nSPARC plays a critical role in the successful accomplishment of the overall center goals. The IT Group provides, maintains, and evolves the technological foundation upon which nSPARC research and development groups perform their functions. The IT Group also maintains the local infrastructure required to perform daily administrative functions—everything from creating documents to sending email and instant messaging. Finally, the IT Group maintains the infrastructure for a range of production systems such as WINGS, which are used by customers throughout the State of Mississippi.
The Information Architecture and Design branch of nSPARC is dedicated to identifying best practices for packaging information and conceptualizing strategies for application features relevant to different constituents. This branch stays abreast of the latest developments in information technology and design aesthetics and helps answer questions about the type of information different constituencies need to make better decisions for improving outcomes. The IAD branch also coordinates requirements gathering activities for application development projects and provides technical assistance to the Information Systems & Application Development and the Outreach & Dissemination branches.
The Outreach and Dissemination branch of nSPARC is charged with disseminating the work conducted at nSPARC across the state, region, and the world via print and electronic media.