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NSPARC employees attending quarterly meeting

Founded in 1998, NSPARC is a university research center with more than 100 diverse employees, ranging from data scientists to software architects and security experts. NSPARC supports Mississippi State University’s overarching goals of research, learning, and service by collaborating within the university, through local, state, and federal agencies, and across the private sector to help society grow by discovering solutions to societal problems by using data science.

We pursue entrepreneurial and collaborative initiatives to develop and maintain a pipeline of intellectual property and innovative technologies that positively impact real-world problems. NSPARC is headquartered in Starkville, Mississippi, adjacent to Mississippi State University’s campus.

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NSPARC Highlights

  • Since its inception, NSPARC has nurtured the next generation of data scientists through experiential learning opportunities that prime students and employees for career advancement.
  • We have a proven track record of quality work with more than 200 national, state, and local entities.
  • Our employees hail from 55 different academic fields of study, offering depth and breadth of expertise.
  • We have a multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art cyber infrastructure.
  • We provide a hands-on learning environment at a center nationally known for pioneering data innovations and research.

16 TB of data stored by NSPARC

4.5 million MP3 songs
22,800 full length movies

54.1 TB of data moves through NSPARC annually

15.5 million MP3 songs
77,300 full length movies

400 TB data center capacity

114.3 million MP3 songs
570,000 full length movies